Don’t let winter stop you from finding your dream home

December 1, 2018

In my last post, I was highlighting a property that sat on the market for 57 days without an offer. (FYI-it is still available!) With shorter days and the winter holidays in front of us, many buyers are being distracted with the demands in front of them. For the serious buyer, this is the time to double down on the hunt and find that bargain you have been waiting for.

This post illustrates an example of a lonely property waiting for the right buyer – maybe you?

A mixed-use building in Noe Valley, the options are many including, to live and work in the same building, have an investment property or maybe even eventually develop the building into something more grand.

If you find something of interest, share it with your friends and get their opinions. There are deals to be found, and there are usually many homes on the list that you expected to already be sold. Take a look and contact me with your questions.

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