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Recently Sold

Here is a brief list of some of my most recently sold properties. For more information simply drop me note and I'll be happy to help however I can.

701 Pennsylvania Ave Loft Seller
84 Thor Ave Vacant Lot Buyer
745 Tehama Loft Buyer
1740 20th Street Single Family Home (off market) Buyer
4043 Cesar Chavez Single Family Home (off market)  Buyer
32 Heron Street Commercial live/work warehouse Seller
1508 Jackson Street T.I.C Buyer
2446 47th Ave
Single Family Home Buyer
4013 Folsom Single Family Home Seller
246 Prague Single Family Home Seller
683 Carolina Condominium Buyer
226 27th Street #8 Condominium Buyer
243 Prague Single Family Home Buyer
156 Lombard Street #18 Condominium Buyer
321 Langton Street #9 Condominium Buyer
4013 Folsom Single Family Home Buyer
1941 Silver Single Family Home Buyer
183 Russ Street Condominium Buyer
55 Gates Street Single Family Home Buyer
42 Otis Street Commercial Seller
3230 Washington St Single Family Home Buyer & Seller
20 Athens St Single Family Home Buyer